The Team at Fair Recycled Plastic

Fair Recycled Plastic is not just a limited-term project but a sustainable, long-term expansion of the Melitta Group’s business activities. To set up our recycling company in Bangalore, an international and interdisciplinary team has been formed to passionately work together in order to fulfil the objectives of the initiative: To prevent pollution caused by micro plastics and plastics in the oceans and to improve the living conditions of the poorest people.

Get to know some of our team members here:

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Our partner companies

The new recycling company will process up to 2,000 tonnes of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) annually. The plastic will be sourced exclusively from selected social enterprises whose aim is to establish a better infrastructure in the waste management sector in Bangalore and thereby improve working conditions for waste pickers.

To meet the demand for plastic waste, our partner companies are expanding the number of their suppliers, including waste pickers. This provides more waste pickers with an additional source of income that guarantees them a fair wage and good working conditions.


Working together to continuously improve conditions

Our partner companies have been carefully selected and audited together with Yunus Social Business. To ensure that the high quality requirements regarding working conditions and the materials supplied are met, regular on-site audits are carried out by TÜV Rheinland . The Fair Recycled Plastic team also works together with the partner companies to continuously improve conditions for the local employees.


We work together with these partner companies:


Many people in Bangalore work in the waste industry. They make a crucial contribution to ensuring that the streets of the metropolis in southern India with a population of around 12 million people are cleared of waste every day.

Allow us to introduce some of the employees working at our partner companies:

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Key helpers we support

Among other things the profits from Fair Recycled Pastic will be used to support two charitable organisations that provide better health care and additional educational opportunities for the waste pickers and their families. The organisations were selected together with Yunus Social Business. The Melitta Group has supported these organisations through its subsidiary Cofresco right from the start of production.



Do you have further questions about Fair Recycled Plastic?

Our FAQs provide answers to many different aspects of the initiative.