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How recycling plastic can improve people’s living conditions

Plastics pollution in the environment and oceans is a global problem for which solutions are urgently needed. In the Indian metropolis of Bangalore, for example, around 3,500 tonnes of waste end up by the roadside or in illegal landfills every day. There is no nationwide, state-run waste disposal system.

This is not only a problem for the environment, but also negatively affects many people’s lives. An estimated 15,000 women and men in Bangalore work as so-called waste pickers.  Without the benefit of protective clothing or equipment they collect waste from the mountains of rubbish in order to sell it on.

The Melitta Group has founded a new recycling company in the Indian city called Fair Recycled Plastic. Its objective is to prevent plastic pollution in the environment and in our oceans as well as to help the waste pickers and bring about social change.


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Working together with Yunus Social Business

Recycling 2,000 tonnes of plastic

Our new recycling company was founded together with the Yunus Social Business Fund gGmbH set up by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Every year, it will recycle up to 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste that will then be reused in Melitta’s bin liner production.

Better infrastructure in the waste management industry

The waste plastic is sourced from selected social enterprises whose aim is to establish a better infrastructure in Bangalore’s waste management sector and thereby improve working conditions for waste pickers.

Support for charitable organisations

Our company operates on the principle of social business. This is a socially oriented form of business. Profits are either reinvested or donated to charitable organisations. Fair Recycled Plastic supports two NGOs that provide better health care and educational opportunities for waste pickers and their families.


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Digital Talk on Fair Recycled Plastic

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Melitta Group establishes recycling company in India

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